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Agriculture at our farmstay

At our farm there have been kept cows for generations. Until a few years ago the cows were accommodated in their barn in the back of our house. As the old tie barn was not suitable for a high level of animal welfare anymore in 2014, we decided to plan a new free stall barn as home for our cows. As there was not enough space next to our farm stay, we decided to relocate the barn to a suitable place in one of our fields 200 metres away.

Developing the project we stressed the importance that the new home for our cows should offer all freedoms that cows find on a pasture: feed and water around the clock, space and rest and lots of clean air and daylight.

After a long project phase and a short construction time in 2016 we moved our herd at that time consisting of 16 heads to the new barn.

At the distance of a few years we can say that our project was a big success. The cows stay great and pay back our investment in their welfare with great quality milk. Our efforts in producing high quality forages on our fields and feeding them a balanced and need-based diet support this success as well. Also, for us farmers the new barn brought a big work relief so that we have been able to increase the herd over the last years. Convince yourself by visiting our barn on agreement!

The milk of our Brown Swiss cows, known for their high amount of milk solids is brought to our cooperative cheese dairy Drei Zinnen every day. Drop in there to see the process of transformation of our delicious milk to high quality cheese products and taste your favorite variety!

Our young stock (future cows) spends the summer on a mountain pasture just above the lake in Toblach. By the way, this place is an insider tip for the hikers among you!

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